Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Letter To Dr. Carlon

“Unfortunately, it may seem to some of us that the miracle we had expected is not happening fast enough. In which case we need to stop and ask ourselves: “Where would Liberia be if we were President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? Would the nation’s state of affairs be any better?” And, my friends, my experience over the past three decades and beyond compels me to respond to the latter question with a resounding NO! And I can say, without any hesitation, that most of the vocal critics now surfacing may turn out to be among the worst actors, if the table were to be turned around in their favor. Honestly speaking, many of us here today, who have experienced happenings in our country over those decades, especially since 1980, may agree with me on this.”
-Dr. S. Jarbaru Carlon

This is an extract from an article written by Dr. Jabaru Carlon on March 10, 2007 and carried by the Perspective. I am compelled to respond to the former IGNU’s Sport Minister whose major accomplishment during his service was a proposal to change the name of the S. K. Doe Sports Complex.
I wonder as to what extent some people are willing to go in compromising their intellectualism and integrity for the sake of sycophancy? Dr. Carlon’s comments that he sees no other person doing better in Liberia than what President Sirleaf is doing or has done thus far is an assault on intellectualism and high performance. His comments are demonstration of the lack of respect for hard working Liberians who are making positive impacts in various spheres of endeavors. His comments undermined the growth of Liberia and offered no hope for the future. At the same time his unscientific claims offered no hope for Liberia’s younger generation. However, I am assured by the fact that those claims are without empirical basis and thus must be dismissed
I understand Dr. Carlon is a member of the ruling elites that have miss-governed the country since the Tubman’s era as such he perceives no better. The Dr. has seen around himself for almost a half century a continuous recycle of corrupt elites from the days of William V. S. Tubman to present. But this is no sufficient recipe that the country is void of the brightest and those with the ability to excel beyond the present condition at a quicker pace. I can assure Dr. Carlon that there is hope for the country and that hope rests with the departure of the corrupt and destructive gangs. The gangs that have emerged from the days of Tubman yet have refused to vacate the political scene. The departure of such gangs will usher the dawn of a new Liberia.
Dr. Carlon is a prophet of doom whose assertions must be dismissed because they undermine the integrity and resolve of progressive Liberians. I guarantee the Doctor that there are brilliant, visionary, and constructive Liberians with tested and proven strategies to salvage the nation. There are Liberians who could have acted differently in the circumstances he alluded to as regards the behavior of the President. There are Liberians who could have performed far better than what the government of the elderly have accomplished so far (how do you refer to a government in which the average age of a top officials is 65?).

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